How to sleep easily

How to sleep easily

December 19, 2021

How to fall asleep fast?

Do you know how important sleep is? The majority of the things in your life are directly related to your sleep. How much healthy you are, how much fat you’ll lose, how much younger you look, it all depends on how much sleep you get in a day. Making your memory strong, your will power, how much stressed you become, your relationship, depends upon the quality of sleep you get. Even chances of migraine and cancer in your body, depends upon your sleep. Sleep plays an important role in your life.

Studies suggest various sleeping hours according to different age groups. Teenagers of 14-17 years old should have a sleep of 8-10 hrs daily, Younger adults of 18-25 years old should sleep 7-9 hrs, adults in the range of 26-64 years old should also have a sleep of 7-9 hrs a day. But in today’s busy life, it has become to follow such a sleeping pattern since everyone is restless and busy with their schedule.

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What keeps people awake at night?

Today’s generation is affected by social media drastically. Studies suggest that the effect of social media on keeping people awake in the night is 19%. Most of the teenagers, in fact, some young adults waste their time on social media feed. Some people also remain awake at night watching TV/Web shows in their smartphones and laptops till late night which not only ruins their sleep but also affects their eyes in the long term. It has also been found that many adults lack sleep worrying about their job, business, and finances which is quite a major issue.

How to improve your sleep?

In order to improve your sleep and lead a healthy life you must follow the tips below:

  1. Avoid blue screens before going to bed, at least 2 hrs before. Scientific studies revealed that those who use electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, TV before going to sleep, their sleep gets reduced by 1 hr. When our eyes receive blue light from these devices, the melatonin hormone (which is responsible for yourself to fall asleep) production decreases, which ultimately decreases your sleep. Avoiding using such devices helps us getting more sleep.
  2. Make your sleeping room dark. Darker your room will be, better will be your sleep. Our skin has Photo-receptors, which can sense light falling on our bodies. When light falls, it signals the brain, that it’s daytime and decreases melatonin production by 50% and you’ll face difficulty falling asleep. When you sleep in a dark room, your brain won’t face any difficulty in getting you to fall asleep.
  3. Decrease your body temperature before going to bed. It has been scientifically proven that decreasing your body temperature helps you to get better sleep. You can take a warm bath, 2 hours before sleeping which will temporarily increase your body temperature but will eventually decrease your body temperature by 1-2 degrees, and you will have a better and quality sleep. You can also opt for Cooling Mattress from us which are specially designed to keep your body temperature low while you sleep.
  4. Avoid Caffeine. Caffeine helps you to keep yourself awake for a longer duration of time but it has a disadvantage over your sleep. Try to avoid eating/drinking caffeine-related products, 5-6 hrs before you sleep. And if you can completely avoid caffeine, you’ll see more beneficial results in the quantity and quality of your sleep.
  5. Go to bed at the right time. It has been found by studies and researches that 10 pm-2 am is the time your body gets the best sleep. At this point in time, your body secretes many beneficial hormones like melatonin hormone, human growth hormone, youth hormone, etc. Try to get into your bed at or before 10 pm so that you get quality sleep.
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