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We’re India’s Advance Online Mattress Brand! Where we think “Your sleep is our priority“

Making people sleep in India is not easy and buying a Mattress would be more difficult. When you think about buying a mattress, your preference will be an offline store. let’s see the journey which I went through in the mattress buying process for my family. Step 1 : I have shortlisted some of the retail mattress stores recommended by friends and colleagues. Step 2: I visited these stores and tried more than 8 mattresses but by the time I tried the 10th mattress, I had forgotten what the first one felt like! One thing was common in all these stores: they wanted to sell their mattresses based on my pocket size. No one has a concern with my compatibility or comfort. We all know all these mattress shops have invested a huge amount to design their store with air-conditioning, lights, furniture on top of that sweet salesman who wanted to push you to buy mattresses just to make his commission. Step 3: Spent hours of my precious time finalizing one mattress on which my family will be spending one-third of their time but I was still confused as to which one I should go with. I have decided to take one mattress as it was an awkward situation for me. Step 4: I have paid some extra amount to get the mattress delivered to my doorsteps, by the way, after investing a huge amount I did not get any trial period, as none of the stores has these options. Sept 5: We started using the product and after a few days we realized that it’s giving you a backache. It was no near as comfortable as it was when I sat on it for a few minutes at the local mattress shop. Sept 6: My brother called the shopkeeper, but he was told to put that mattress in my guest room and he can help us by giving an extra discount on a brand new mattress (I don’t think we are going to trust him again) Here we have understood when a common man decides to get a new mattress, somewhere the story will be the same as we went through. That’s where we started Restofit by thinking “You sleep is our priority“. While working on our product we have created more than 100 prototypes just to make sure we get you the best product at an affordable price without compromising on the quality. Benefits what we are offering to our customers.
  1. We are offering 111 nights of risk-free trials so you can try our mattress.
  2. We are offering you the best warranty on our products, so you can sleep comfortably and be assured using the highest quality raw materials in our product.
  3. Remove all the middle and retails to get you the best price.
  4. No Logistics charges on our product, Delivery is Free.
  5. ISO certified 9001:2015 company.
Sleep is natural, but who doesn’t love a good and healthy sleep. Now, that’s where Restofit comes in. We have created a mattress that helps you get a good night’s sleep. We have done extensive research and created more than 100+ prototypes just to get you the perfect mattress as we know how important this product will be for you and your loved ones. We’ve also made Restofit mattresses especially easy to try with a 111 nights trial by saving you a ton of money and time when it comes to searching to buy the best mattress online! We have adapted NASA-approved technology in our mattresses i.e the best quality memory foam and eco-friendly custom-designed fabrics in our mattress and accessories to create an unbeatable and comfortable product for our users. We’re always striving to improvise our products with new and innovative technology. We are also certified by ISO 9001:2015 We ship our mattress directly from our factory to your doorstep, without any shipping charges. We avoid selling our products via middlemen as we want to know our customers directly and take there’s valuable feedback. By doing this it helps us keep our product price low and cost-effective for our customers. Every Restofit mattress is compressed and packed into its custom-designed bag which can be used in the future and it also helps us to deliver a perfect sleep box. Other companies always say Buying with it but we say try us. Try us today and find out the advanced mattress for yourself.
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