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1. What types of mattresses does Restofit make?

At Restofit, we create and build mattresses that are both high-quality and high-performance. The Restofit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, the Restofit Premium Euro Top Mattress, and the Restofit Ortho Dual Flip Mattress are currently three mattress lines we manufacture.

2. What differs an ortho dual flip mattress from an orthopaedic memory foam mattress?

Mattresses made of orthopaedic memory foam are typically built to be denser than ordinary foam mattresses, providing better spinal support. In response to heat and pressure, they conform to the shape of the body, evenly dispersing body weight. These mattresses are ideal for you if you get bodily aches! Sleeping is a somewhat subjective experience, though, and can differ from person to person based on preferred sleeping surface. You are always free to choose an alternative or entirely return it with our risk-free trial offer. A dual-firmness mattress, the ortho Dual Flip Mattress has a medium firm side and a medium soft side. With our Dual Comfort Mattresses, you won't have to choose just one degree of firmness, unlike other mattresses that limit your firmness selections before buying. Simply turn the mattress over when it's convenient to acquire the firmness you like. It is like to receiving two beds in one! We actually recommend the Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress if you're seeking for a mattress for your own usage. Because of its comfort and supporting qualities, many of our clients have tried it and preferred it. However, if you're searching for a mattress for your guest room, a dual comfort mattress will usually be more useful because you may flip it according to the preferences of the visitors.

3. How do the memory foam mattresses made by Restofit differ from other "memory foam" mattresses?

We have created the greatest technology and design for producing the highest-quality mattresses for a restful night's sleep after years of study on the varied sleeping habits, body curves, and bedding materials. Our foam's construction gives stable support and doesn't warm up from body contact during the night, unlike other memory foam mattresses.

4. How do Memory Foam Mattresses from Restofit differ from mattresses made of "Latex Foam"?

Although latex foam is renowned for being supportive and breathable, it might not be the greatest material to use for pressure relief. Our mattress offers superior support, breathability, and pressure reduction than latex at a far cheaper price. Prior to purchasing your ideal mattress, you should be aware of the proper source of the material. Despite claims to the contrary, latex foams used in mattresses are not 100% natural due to the process of setting the material that is necessary to make them firm. The majority of the time, latex is synthetic and only around 30% of it is naturally occurring; the remainder is made of chemicals and fillers.

5. Why are Memory Foam Mattresses from Restofit so inexpensive?

Surprisingly, making a comfy mattress from premium raw materials doesn't cost a lot of money! The mattresses you receive are typically more expensive since brand costs are transferred, retail commissions, sales commissions, and wholesaler profits. Because we take out the middlemen and provide high-quality mattresses directly to our consumers at fair and honest pricing, our mattresses are less expensive than those offered by competitors.

6. How long does it take for a person to become comfortable with Restofit mattress?

The break-in period is the amount of time it typically takes for a new mattress to adapt to a person's body shape. Most brand-new mattresses have a break-in phase, during which the mattress feels different from when it first arrived and gets comfier every day. The break-in phase, which typically lasts 25 days, gives the body enough time to become used to a mattress and facilitates restful sleep on it.

7. Do new Restofit mattresses have a chemical odour?

When you open a new Restofit mattress, similar to when you open a new automobile, you could occasionally detect a little odour, as with most new things. Do not worry; this odour only lasts a short while. When we send the mattresses to you, we compress them. Therefore, the mattress will feel normal and have fresh, clean air within a few hours of you opening the container. This fragrance, however fleeting, is caused by newly manufactured foam that is packaged especially for travel rather than by any dangerous chemicals. After fully opening the package, any little odour that you may have detected swiftly goes away over the following several days.

8. How long do mattresses made by Restofit last?

Restofit mattresses are made to be durable over time. Best-in-class industry warranties of 11 years and 7 years are provided with our mattresses (different for different products). The warranty page contains all the information about our warranty options.

9. What makes purchasing with Restofit different from purchasing through other e-commerce website?

When you buy Restofit goods through our official website, www.restofit.in, our own team of professionals handles all customer service. Additionally, all mattresses purchased from our website have a 111-day trial period. All customer services, including returns and exchanges, are handled by that specific e-commerce website's customer care for orders placed through other e-commerce websites. Due to the distinct workflows and SLAs for each of these sites, there may be some delays as a result. But regardless of where you bought your Restofit product, if you need assistance or have questions, we are always here to help!

10. How do Restofit mattresses feel when you sleep on them?

Similar to magic The mattresses were created by our product team to provide each of our clients with the most comfortable night's sleep possible. In addition to providing the body with the right support, our products are breathable, strong, and made to accommodate all sleeping demands.

11. How firm are the Restofit mattresses?

Our mattress is made to be supportive throughout while being soft and velvety on top. Our mattresses are around a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a feather pillow and 10 being a hardwood floor, to help clarify and serve as a benchmark. Our foam has been created to meet the demands of a variety of users. Mattresses from Restofit are available for people who want hard or soft bedding. Therefore, whatever your typical choice, Restofit has something that will be ideal for you.

12. Does the mattress need to be aired?

Most of the time, you won't need to air out our mattresses because of the way they are made. To maximise airflow, we place spacer cloth on the bottom of each mattress. There won't be a need to air the mattress if you use it on a regular bed in a well-ventilated area. To keep your Restofit mattress dry and clean, we recommend periodically propping it up for ventilation if you use it on the floor in a more humid region.

13. Does the Restofit Memory Foam Mattress need to be turned over?

We use a "Non-Flip" construction method, so regardless of your sleeping habits and preferences, you'll never need to flip a Restofit memory foam mattress. You may rotate the mattress 180 degrees (head to foot and foot to head side) to balance out wear if you frequently sleep on one side of the bed.

14. Can I wash the mattress's cover?

The answer is that you can clean the mattress cover. Our orthopaedic memory foam mattresses include a cover that is easily detachable. Just unzip it, take it off, and use a light detergent to gently dab the cover rather than rub it to clean the appropriate areas. The mattress cover should not, however, be machine washed or dried as it can shrink. Ensure that the cleaned area is completely dry before replacing the cover. We advise using a slightly damp cloth, dipping it in mild detergent water, and dabbing the stain on the dual comfort mattress.

15. What is the material of Restofit mattress covers?

We use High GSM and High Quality fabric which last long.

16. Can I have a sample of the cover cloth or foam?

We unfortunately won't be able to offer samples of our mattress right now. Only after extensive testing and market analysis to make sure they are of the highest quality and suitable for our clients are our foam and cover fabrics utilised. Please feel free to contact us by phone or by clicking here if you have any questions concerning the materials we use to make your mattresses.

17. Is it possible to fold the Restofit mattress?

Yes! We can fold our beds and store them for a few days or weeks. Having the capacity to fold is quite useful if you're moving! However, kindly refrain from folding it for several months as this may compromise the mattress's firmness and form.

18. How much weight can a Restofit mattress support?

Mattress weight will be depend on the mattress dimensions.

19. How can I place an order for a unique/custom-sized mattress?

Visit the product page of the mattress you want to buy in order to place an order for a custom-sized mattress for your bed. You can choose the following size that is offered, and you can request a custom size during the checkout process. Send us an email at support@restofit.in if you need any help, and our team of professionals will be happy to assist you.

20. Is the Restofit mattress safe to sleep on?

Yes, every one of our products is completely safe for everyone—adults, kids, and even babies. Our products' foam is acquired after extensive investigation and put through testing by an independent third-party foam certifier to ensure that it is safe and clean and devoid of known toxic compounds and gases.

21. How much do Restofit mattresses cost?

All conventional sizes of our two mattress lines are available, and each size has a different pricing. Visit our mattresses department to learn more about our mattresses, including sizes and costs.

22. Is it possible to exchange Ortho Dual Flip Mattress with Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress?

You can, of course! Our top goal is your comfort! To contact us, please click here or give us a call. Our team of professionals will help you with the replacement.

23. I have accidentally ordered the wrong size. Can it be replaced with the correct size?

If you ordered a mattress that is the wrong size, we will be able to assist you with a replacement. If you ordered the wrong mattress because you mismeasured your bed, we will cancel the original purchase, place a new one, and ship a replacement while just charging you for the logistics. The lengthy process might lead to unwarranted delivery delays. Therefore, we advise you to measure your bed using the proper equipment without supposing the size.

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