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1. Breathable: Custom designed knitted fabrics for 3D air flow.
Inner Lining: Holds All of the below layers together.

2. Comfort Foam: Control body temperature for getting you the optimal comfort.

3. Next Generation Memory Foam: Takes Your Body Shape, and avoids creating the pressure points.

4. High Responsive Foam: That Prevents Sinking And Sagging While Supporting Your Whole Body.

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The quality of our mattresses is extremely important to us.

1. Breathable: Custom designed knitted fabrics for 3D air flow.
Inner Lining: Holds All of the below layers together.

2. Comfort Foam: Control body temperature for getting you the optimal comfort.

3. Next Generation Memory Foam: Takes Your Body Shape, and avoids creating the pressure points.

4. High Responsive Foam: That Prevents Sinking And Sagging While Supporting Your Whole Body.

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Who doesn’t want to get any additional money to carry under their mattress? I do that. That’s why, when you choose a Restofit mattress, we make sure you save money by getting rid of middlemen and the expensive delivery guys by offering the highest quality mattresses in India.

Distribution network redesigning

We’ve redesigned the supply chain to eliminate intermediaries that offer little value to the user while driving up the price. Our direct-to-consumer strategy allows us to save you over 65% and provide you with a 5-star sleeping experience at a reasonable price.

Fairly priced

Until now, the standard mattress has been overpriced with an overcomplicated buying process. We’ve re-engineered the supply chain to eliminate superfluous intermediaries and overheads, saving you a tonne of money.

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We don’t charge you to send you your sleep companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

An orthopedic mattress is one that’s specially designed to reduce stress on your back, neck, and joints and alleviate aches and pains. Also, it offers excellent support and luxury, an orthopedic mattress provides many benefits.

Maximum Support: The firm surface of the mattress means you get optimum push-back for the perfect sleeping position. This will reduce tossing and turning and assist you to awaken feeling refreshed.

Even Weight Distribution: An orthopaedic mattress evenly spreads your weight to stop the build-up of pressure points, particularly in your neck, back and hips.

Correct Spinal Alignment: Mattresses ensure correct spinal alignment to assist alleviate stress on the spine and reduce back pain.

Healthy Posture: The mattress helps you to adopt the right posture as you sleep, promoting healthier blood circulation throughout the night.

When all of the “major” mattress manufactures were focused on how to make customised mattresses for every single human body type walking the face of the planet, Restofit chose to do the exact opposite, further complicating already-confused customers. We believed that a well-designed mattress might be the catalyst for change in India’s sleep industry. As a result, we created mattresses that are ideal for 90% of sleepers, independent of body shape or sleeping position. By making the mattress available to you in a neat little box, we chose to double down on quality and make our goods more convenient; more dependable; and, to a large degree, decrease the servicing cost.

Restofit mattress is designed after a lot of research and surveys. During the creation of our product we realized, some people preferred a firm mattress and some preferred a soft one. After creating more than 100 prototypes we designed the perfect mattress for your sound sleep. RestoFit mattresses are neither too firm nor too soft just the perfect match with good back support so that you can have a non-interrupted sleep at night.

Once you unbox the mattress, you can start using the same as it gains its 90% shape within 15-20 minutes. However, it may take 20-24hrs to gain its 100% shape.

Some individuals prefer hard beds, while others prefer to sink into their soft mattresses. We created a unique three-layer foam design to give the best blend of support and comfort in order to produce the optimal mattress for everyone. It’s neither too hard nor too soft; it’s just wonderfully luxurious.

Usually mattresses are sold in offline stores, this increases the fixed costs of the brand which manufactures these mattresses and hence they have to keep the prices of the mattress higher. Restofit operates online and has no such fixed costs to bear, we directly ship our products to your doorstep and that is why the prices of our mattresses are cheaper compared to other brands.


All of your issues regarding comfort have been addressed.

  • What memory foam mattress should I get?
  • Can plants assist me in getting a better night’s sleep? What goes into making orthopaedic mattresses?
  • What goes into making orthopaedic mattresses?
  • For information, tips, and techniques on sleep, comfort, lifestyle, and more, visit the Restofit Blog.
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Buy Mattress Online In India

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to buy a mattress online. Restofit would be your best choice if you’re looking for the best mattress brand in India.

So go ahead, take the plunge! You really can’t go wrong, the Restofit memory foam mattress comes with a 111 nights free trial.

Welcome to the world of Restofit. If you’re looking for mattresses online, you have come to the right place. Buying a mattress online is a better option rather than shopping offline. There are clusters of mattress stores offline but they don’t show transparency on their selling price since there are many middlemen among the manufacturer and the retailer. But the advantage of buying a mattress online is that there are no middlemen in between. We are the direct manufacturer and sell our products directly to the consumers. So, this is how we provide great quality mattresses at affordable and genuine price points to our customers.

In Restofit, we offer you the best experience of shopping mattresses online. We offer you the best sleeping products at your fingertips. A night of good sleep is proportional to good health. The Orthopedic Mattress with Memory Foam will provide you the best sleep ever with great comfort, taking you into a deep sleep every night. Our Hybrid Two in One Mattress will fulfill your need of buying both hard and soft mattresses at the same time. We also can help you with the mattress covers to protect your mattress from unwanted damage which is common in our home. Our Memory Foam sleeping pillows will give your neck the right support it needs ensuring better sleep all night.









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