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Enjoy the world of rejuvenating and refreshing sleep with premium comfort with our Gel Memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have gained popularity for their ability to contour to the curves and alleviate pains and aches. Our memory foam mattresses, too, are engineered to provide unmatched comfort and exceptional support with a perfect blend of optimal support and plush cushioning for a restful sleep. 

Made using innovative memory foam technology, our mattresses conform to your body shape, relieve pressure points and provide personalised support and comfort. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and say hello to heavenly sleep and wake up ready to take on the world.

Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Online at the Best Prices

Get rejuvenating sleep and experience ultimate comfort with our range of premium memory foam mattresses at the best price in the market. Made with advanced memory foam technology, they are a perfect blend of plushness and support for a restful sleep. It is one of the best memory foam mattresses that adapts to your body type and sleep patterns and gives unrivalled support. Indulge in the softness of the mattress that is resilient, durable, highly breathable and offers rapid cooling and body heat transfer. Restofit is your one-stop destination for the best memory foam mattresses at unbeatable prices. Shop now and elevate your sleep experience with our memory foam beds.  

Best Memory Foam Mattresses Price, Height & Size 

Elevate your sleep experience with Restofit's range of memory foam mattresses. Expertly designed after careful consideration of many factors and using premium materials, it provides great support and comfort. It uses Next Gen Gel memory foam to offer the perfect balance of responsive support and plush cushioning for undisturbed sleep. These foam mattresses contour to the unique shape of your body and relieve pressure while providing optimal spinal alignment. Whether you prefer a plush or firm feel, there is a mattress available to suit your needs. Explore our range below and buy at an unbeatable foam mattress price.

3-Layered Orthopedic Mattress

It is a mattress engineered for ideal spinal support. This mattress uses next-gen gel memory foam for rapid cooling, cool feel and advanced support to pressure points. It adapts to the body shape perfectly to give you the right support. It has Air Max support that gives customised support and maximum coolness because it is infused with great cooling technology. The orthopaedic core support minimises motion transfers, ensures minimal bounce and gives extended life. Get rid of your old mattress and welcome home a personalised sleep surface that is sure to elevate your comfort level. This mattress price starts from Rs 7340/- for a single size and varies based on size and height and goes up to ₹21,483.00 for a king-size bed of 8 inches in height. 

Premium Euro Top Orthopedic Mattress

This is another memory foam mattress which helps you snooze in style. Made from high-quality cotton viscose fabric, it uses next-gen gel memory foam for advanced support and rapid cooling and provides a firm surface to ease pain and aches. It uses a unique surface modification technology and offers customised zone support to adapt to your body shape. The orthopaedic core supports minimal motion transfer, bounce and maximum durability. The 7-Zone Ergonomic design gives the perfect balance of comfort and support. This memory foam mattress price starts from ₹9275 for a single size and goes up to ₹25,070.00 for a king-size bed of 10 inches in height. 

Our memory foam mattress range is available for single, double, king, and queen-size beds. Our mattresses are available in various dimensions - 72 x 30, 75 x 30, 78 x 30, 72 x 48, 75 x 48, 72 x 60, 75 x 60, 78 x 60,  72 x 70, 75 x 72, 78 x 72, 84 x 72 and more. They are available in mattress thicknesses of 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches. Choose any mattress type as per your needs to enjoy blissful sleep. 

Factors Affecting The Price of The Best Memory Foam Mattress Online

  • Materials: The quality and type of mattress used in constructing the mattress.
  • The design: The techniques and technologies used for targeted support, advanced contouring and more.
  • Size: Larger sizes generally are priced more. 
  • Warranty: They come with extended warranties but give you peace of mind.
  • Features: Additional features like smart features, built-in cooling, etc, increase the mattress price. 

Who Should Buy A Memory Foam Mattress Online?

A memory foam bed is popular online as it is suitable for all body types and sleeping positions and is for those who want better.

  • Pressure relief: These mattresses are known for their conforming capability and provide excellent pressure relief.
  • Spinal alignment: They promote proper spinal alignment by distributing body weight evenly. It supports the natural curves of the spine and helps maintain a neutral spine at sleep. It is ideal for those with neck and back issues.
  • Motion isolation: If you share a bed and have partner disturbances, it can minimise and allow you to enjoy your sleep.
  • Durability: When made using high-quality materials, they are durable and retain their support and shape for a longer period. So, using memory foam beds means no more frequent mattress shopping. 

Points to Ponder While Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Onlne 

Here are some key points to consider when buying a memory foam mattress online

  • Firmness level: Determine your preferred firmness level based on your preferences and sleeping position and opt for soft, medium or firm mattresses.
  • Thickness: Pay attention to the thickness and density. Higher density means better durability and support. 
  • Materials: Choose a mattress that is made from high-quality materials so that they are worth the investment.
  • Cooling features: Choose mattresses that use breathable materials to regulate temperature and prevent body heat from rising when asleep. 
  • Motion isolation: Check if the mattress has motion isolation so that when you share a bed, there are no sleep disturbances. 
  • Price: Consider warranty, materials and features before assessing the mattress's value. 


Why is Restofit the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Restofit is one of the best memory foam bed mattresses available in the market today for several reasons. Some of them are that they are crafted using premium materials and innovative foam technology that provides personalised support and comfort. It helps reduce pressure points and promote spinal alignment for restful sleep. With responsive support and plushness, it gives you great comfort and support whether you choose a plush or a firm feel. The gel-infused foam has cooling features to offer a cool and comfortable sleeping surface. Plus our mattresses are built to last for years and we also provide a generous trial period and warranty for your peace of mind. So if you want ultimate sleep quality, bring home a Restofit Memory foam mattress.  

Amazing Features of Restofit Memory Foam Mattresses  

Restofit boasts an impressive range of features that redefine support and comfort. It is made using innovative technology to adapt to your unique body shape. It promotes proper spinal alignment for maximum support and comfort. The memory foam bed mattress features cooling gel-infused foam that regulates body temperature keeping you cool and comfortable all through the night. Restofit mattresses offer edge support and motion isolation for uninterrupted sleep and are ideal for couples. Our mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, promoting a healthier sleep environment. It comes in many different firmness levels to cater to your sleep preferences, which can be plush or firm support. Lastly, we offer a comprehensive warranty and a 111-night trial period to help you buy with confidence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are memory foam mattresses good for you?

Yes. Memory foam mattresses are good for you, especially if you want a body contouring surface that provides pressure relief and promotes proper spinal alignment. 

What is the specialty of memory foam mattresses?

The speciality of these mattresses is their ability to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support along with pressure relief. 

Is memory foam good for the spine?

Yes. Memory foam mattresses are good for the spine as they promote proper spinal alignment, helping reduce aches and pains.

Which mattress is best for sleep?

While the best mattress is more of a personal preference, memory foam mattresses offer many benefits that are ideal for all sleepers due to their contouring ability. 

Which mattress is better, memory foam or foam?

Memory foam mattresses are better as they offer contouring support, varying levels of plushness, motion isolation, durability, motion isolation and other such features which is not available in a traditional foam mattress.