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Indulge in unparalleled sleep comfort with our natural latex mattress. Crafted with a luxurious cotton viscose fabric for heat absorption, it guarantees restful nights and comes with an impressive 11-year warranty

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If rejuvenating sleep is what you crave, then you are in the perfect place as we offer you premium natural latex mattresses. It is a mattress that is the ideal blend of innovation and design. We know how important sleep is for your overall well-being so we have dedicated ourselves to finding and offering solutions to provide that unparalleled sleep you deserve. 

Our range of the best natural latex mattresses is designed for the perfect snooze that is as comfortable and rejuvenating as possible. Delve into the details of our variety of mattresses, know their features and shop for your latex mattress online

What Is The Natural Latex Mattress Price in India?

How much does a latex mattress cost? The natural latex mattress price in India depends on several key factors like the mattress size, thickness, materials used and additional features it offers. A natural latex mattress is made from latex that is derived from rubber tree sap and transformed into a comfortable and supportive mattress. 

While there are cheap latex mattresses made from a blend of latex and synthetic materials, we at Restofit strive to offer you the natural goodness of latex by designing mattresses at affordable prices starting at ₹15,915. Plus, it comes with a warranty for your peace of mind. Discover a perfect night’s sleep with our natural latex mattress online that is handcrafted to suit your requirements. 

Features Of Natural Latex Mattress Online

Latex is a natural material that is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It is a fluid that is milky white and found in the inner bark of the tree. It has many unique and beneficial properties, making it one of the most popular mattresses available on the market. A latex rubber mattress is made from latex foam. Latex foam can be made using natural latex or synthetic or man-made latex. Natural latex is eco-friendly and offers the following features.

Comfort and Support

Latex foam is known for the exceptional comfort and support it provides. It has a unique resilience and bounce that offers comfortable and consistent support for the entire body. So, it is a great choice for people with pain and discomfort who want a cushioned but supportive surface for restful sleep. 


Latex foam offers excellent breathability because of the open-cell structure that allows for good air circulation. This prevents overheating by regulating temperature during sleep making it a cooler surface to sleep on. Plus our latex mattress uses Next-Gen Memory foam for rapid cooling and body heat transfer, ensuring the mattress does not retain body heat when you sleep. So, for those who sleep hot, a latex mattress is a blessing. 

Motion Isolation

Latex mattresses are ideal for those who sleep with a partner as they isolate the motion on the surface instead of spreading it all across. That means if a person moves on the mattress, there is no disturbance for the other, so it makes for a comfortable sleep for both sleeping partners. 


Natural latex is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, which means mattresses made from latex are resistant to common allergens, dust mites and mould. So, it is beneficial for those with asthma and other allergies. 


Latex mattresses are known to last long. Compared to synthetic foam, which loses its bounce in a few years, natural latex remains intact without significant wear and tear or sagging, making it a great investment for good sleep. So, despite many years of sleep, your mattress remains fresh and new for many years to come. 

Eco-friendly Options

Restoft offers eco-friendly mattresses that use responsibly and organically sourced materials. These are designed so that you sleep chemical-free and the planet breathes easily. 

It is essential to know that there are many types of latex mattresses available but to get all the benefits of this amazing material, opt for natural latex. Restofit mattresses are made from natural latex and designed to give you rejuvenating sleep with no compromise on quality, price or sustainability.  

Who Should Buy A Natural Latex Mattress? 

Restofit Natural Latex mattresses are one of the full latex mattresses available online that can benefit a wide cross-section of sleepers. From people who suffer from allergies to environmentally conscious sleepers to those wanting comfort, support and durability in their sleep surfaces a natural latex mattress is the right choice for every sleeper with different body types and sleeping positions.  

Why Is Restofit Latex Mattress The Best Latex Mattress Online?

Restofit latex mattresses are cut above the rest as they are crafted using high-quality materials at the best prices. The use of premium materials ensures it is durable and long-lasting. Plus, the 4-layer premium latex mattress offers exceptional comfort and support, temperature regulation, and hypoallergenic properties. Plus the convenience of online shopping makes our latex mattresses one of the best options for a restful slumber. 

What Are The Latex Mattress Benefits?

The best Latex mattresses offer many benefits that help to elevate your sleep experience. These mattresses provide:

  • Proper Spinal Alignment as they are designed to offer orthopaedic support to keep the spine in a neutral position. It has a supportive foam layer that conforms to the body and prevents sinking that happens on a traditional mattress.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort by providing lumbar support, giving you pain relief and that helps in a restful sleep. The firmness of the mattress is just perfect for supportive sleep. The cushioning and buoyancy aids in relieving discomfort and pain. 
  • Hypoallergenic properties of latex mean that the mattresses are resistant to dust mites and moulds. So, it is the perfect solution for those with allergies or sensitivities. 

Latex Mattresses Are The Best Natural Mattresses

Natural living mattresses are those that are made from natural, organic and sustainable materials. These mattresses prioritise the eco-friendliness and health of sleepers by avoiding synthetic materials and harmful chemicals found in traditional mattresses. Latex derived from the sap of rubber trees is one of the popular types of natural living mattresses. 

Rubber is then harvested and processed into latex foam to make beds. These rubber latex mattresses provide support and comfort like no other and also have inherent breathability, which makes it a cool surface to sleep on. With responsive cushioning and contouring, latex foam mattresses offer an ultimate sleep experience with minimal impact on the planet.   

Why Buy Restofit Latex Mattresses?

There are so many online mattress retailers, so why buy from Restofit? Because we are not just a mattress manufacturing company we are sleep experts who know what is essential for a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Our mattresses are GOLS -Certified(Global Organic Latex Standard) and meet the global standards and they go through many quality checks to ensure you get the best. 

Plus, we believe that quality sleep should be affordable and accessible to all, so our latex mattresses on offer cater to various budget ranges. We are committed to providing quality sleep but are you ready to reap the benefits? Shop now and enjoy your sweet dreams. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is latex good in mattresses?

Latex is considered a good material for mattresses as it has many properties that provide unique benefits. They are known for their good support and comfort and are ideal for people with aches and pains. 

Which is better latex or foam mattress?

Both types of mattresses provide good comfort and support. However, latex is a natural material and hence is hypoallergenic. Memory foam is made from polyurethane and is a synthetic material so it is not environment-friendly. 

Why do people sleep on latex mattresses?

A latex mattress is chosen for its support, comfort, durability, hypoallergenic properties, temperature regulation, and other important benefits.

Is latex unhealthy to sleep on?

No. A latex mattress is a safe and healthy choice of mattress to sleep on.