Poor sleep can affect your body weight

Poor sleep can affect your body weight

Poor sleep can affect your body weight

What if you are on a diet and want to lose weight and don’t seem any results even after working hard on it? Do you feel lethargic and run out of efficiency on your schedule? If Yes, then you must know why sleep affects your body weight.

A poor night’s sleep can leave you feeling drowsing throughout the day. Shortness of sleep can have a real impact on your health. While you’re awake, your body continues to increase your weight. When you are in lack of sleep and are running low on energy, your brain doesn’t take decisions actively and you end up doing things unknowingly. Sometimes you have a desire for eating, maybe potato chips, fried chicken, or a pizza. Later you may also want to skip the gym due to less energy. Eating those extra chunks of food helps you to come out of a sleepy mood, but results in adding extra pounds on your body weight. Disordered sleep patterns lead to obesity and many health diseases like increased Blood Pressure, hypertension.

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According to studies, those who have a minimum 8 hours of sleep are more likely to have controlled body weight compared to those who suffer from sleep deprivation. Those who don’t have enough sleep, struggle to maintain their body weight in spite of regular exercise and dieting.

A good amount of sleep is important for a healthy life. With proper sleep, your brain remains active and you make decisions correctly. If you are on a diet, you decide actively what to eat and what to not. You feel energetic and your day becomes productive. Your body functions well and you remain healthy.

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